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Our Best Quotes

Most Recommended (To Improve Your Life)
Stoic, Marcus Aurelius, Perseverance, Best, Health, Attitude, Simplicity


Most Popular
Life, Short, Famous


Most Inspiring
Inspirational, Short Inspirational, Uplifting, Motivational, Success, Powerful, Good, Simple, Thought of the Day, Quotes To Live By, Albert Einstein



Becoming Happier and More Loving
Happiness, Gratitude, Funny, Smile, Beautiful, Good Morning, Love (Short), Love, Love Yourself, Self-Esteem


Becoming Wiser
Wisdom, Words of Wisdom, Wise, Bruce Lee, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Naval Ravikant, Buddha


Becoming More Peaceful
Inner Peace, Zen, Self-Respect, Be Yourself, Letting Go


Becoming Calmer
Calm, Meditation, Spiritual, Silence, Introvert, Solitude


Becoming More Courageous And Confident
Courage, Confidence, Encouraging, Change and Growth, Positive, Martin Luther King Jr, Maya Angelou


Becoming More Patient and Stronger
Patience, Strength, Being Strong, Character, Never Give Up, Hope, Failure



Improving Your Relationships
Relationship, Friendship, Children, Family, Sister, Brother, Respect, Honesty, Forgiveness


Improving Your Learning and Education
Education, Knowledge, Thinking, Book, Reading, Learning, How to Learn Faster


Improving Your Work
Hard Work, Dreams, Business, Leadership, Trust, Money, Monday Motivation, Creativity, Steve Jobs


Improving Your Focus and Discipline
Focus, Discipline, Motivation, Tim Ferriss


When You Want Answers…

When You Want Answers About Fear, Ego, Anger
Fear, Ego, Jealousy and Envy, Anger


When You Want Answers About Anxiety
Anxiety, Pain, Stress


When You Want Answers About Sadness, Grief, Depression
Sad, Death, Hurt, Grief, Loneliness, Depression


When you…

When You Want to Think Deeply
Deep, Truth, Rumi


When You Feel Artistic
Art, Music, Writing


When You Crave Adventure and Freedom
Freedom, Nature, Travel


When You Want to Think About Past and Future
Time, History, Benjamin Franklin, George Santayana, Future


When You Want Inspiration For A Better World
Kindness, Humility, Peace, Parenting, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Humanity

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