100 Curiosity Quotes To Increase Your Desire To Learn

By Maxime Lagacé

Maxime is the founder of WisdomQuotes. He has been collecting quotes since 2004. His goal? To help you develop a calm and peaceful mind. Learn more about him on his about page.

Here are 100 of the most beautiful curiosity quotes I could find. And the goal is simple: to spark your mind, inspire you to learn, explore and discover new things. You’ll discover quotes by Einstein, da Vinci, Goethe, and more. Enjoy!

curiosity quotes have special talent passionately curious albert einstein wisdom

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein

curiosity quotes intelligence follows james clear wisdom

Intelligence follows curiosity. James Clear

curiosity quotes questions further confidence answers maxime lagace wisdom nature

Curiosity and questions will get you further than confidence and answers. Maxime Lagacé

curiosity quotes engine achievement ken robinson wisdom

Curiosity is the engine of achievement. Ken Robinson

curiosity quotes public insatiable know everything except worth knowing oscar wilde wisdom

The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing. Oscar Wilde


curiosity quotes following genuine intellectual better foundation career naval ravikant wisdom nature

Following your genuine intellectual curiosity is a better foundation for a career than following whatever is making money right now. Naval Ravikant

curiosity quotes dont know anything everything interesting deeply enough richard feynman wisdom

I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough. Richard Feynman

curiosity quotes boredom leads these things matthew kobach wisdom woman

Boredom leads to one of these two things: more boredom or more creativity. Matthew Kobach

curiosity quotes know what shall find not want find uncertainty erwin chargaff wisdom

If I know what I shall find, I do not want to find it. Uncertainty is the salt of life. Erwin Chargaff

curiosity quotes intellectual superpower anthony pompliano wisdom

Intellectual curiosity is a superpower. Anthony Pompliano


curiosity quotes stuff clenched curious waiting inspiration susan sontag wisdom

Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Susan Sontag

curiosity quotes great generous minds first passion last samuel johnson wisdom man reading

Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last. Samuel Johnson

curiosity quotes insubordination purest form vladimir nabokov wisdom

Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form. Vladimir Nabokov

curiosity quotes knowledge power muscle danielle laporte wisdom

If knowledge is power, then curiosity is the muscle. Danielle LaPorte

curiosity quotes secret success absolute ungovernable larry king wisdom

The secret of success is an absolute ungovernable curiosity. Larry King


The Best Curiosity Quotes

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curiosity quotes free more value than harsh discipline augustine hippo wisdom nature man

Free curiosity is of more value than harsh discipline. Augustine of Hippo

This delicate little plant [curiosity], aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom. Albert Einstein

The day we stop exploring is the day we commit ourselves to live in a stagnant world, devoid of curiosity, empty of dreams. Neil deGrasse Tyson

The hallmark of curiosity is a thirst for knowledge that has no obvious utility. Being a lifelong learner is taking joy in exploration regardless of whether the discovery has immediate relevance. The goal is to understand for the sake of understanding. Adam Grant

The love of knowledge is a kind of madness. C.S. Lewis

Along with intellectual curiosity, we need interpersonal curiosity. Taking an interest in other people is the beginning of empathy. Adam Grant

Curiosity, curiosity, curiosity, is an imperious tyrant, and it will be obeyed. Unknown

curiosity quotes loner gives time wonder search truth have life worth living albert einstein wisdom nature

Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living. Albert Einstein

There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions. Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Curiosity is the real teacher. Thibaut


The best students in school seek to satisfy their teachers. The best students in life seek to satisfy their curiosity. Johnny Uzan

When education is seen as simply a means to an end, curiosity fades. Unknown

Curiosity is more important than IQ. Ana Lorena Fabrega

curiosity quotes beginning wisdom francoise sagan

Curiosity is the beginning of all wisdom. Françoise Sagan

It is very hard to do good work without being optimistic, exceptionally determined, and intellectually curious. Sam Altman

In modern society, most people have access to the same information. People are distinguished much more by the questions they ask than by the answers they have access to. James Pierce

The worst decision most adults make is to stop asking questions — trading their curiosity for the appearance of competence. Sven Schnieders

Curiosity is a mind in search of knowledge. Thibaut

Let your curiosity be greater than your fear. Pema Chödrön

Part 2. Curiosity Quotes That Are…

The Most Famous Curiosity Quotes

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Searching for a famous curiosity quote or author? Check out those by Nietzsche, Feynman, Pascal, Einstein, Disney, and more.
curiosity quotes unexamined life worth living socrates wisdom

The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates

The knowledge of all things is possible. Leonardo da Vinci

It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry. Albert Einstein

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Walt Disney

Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. Carl Sagan

There are two different types of people in the world, those who want to know, and those who want to believe. Friedrich Nietzsche

curiosity quotes mind vessel filled fire kindled plutarch wisdom

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. Plutarch

There are different kinds of curiosity: one springs from interest, which makes us desire to know everything that may be profitable to us; another from pride, which springs from a desire of knowing what others are ignorant of. François de La Rochefoucauld

I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity. Eleanor Roosevelt

I am afraid that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, and that we have more curiosity than understanding. We grasp at everything, but catch nothing except wind. Michel de Montaigne

Curiosity is only vanity. We usually only want to know something so that we can talk about it. Blaise Pascal

I set out to discover the why of it, and to transform my pleasure into knowledge. Charles Baudelaire

curiosity quotes study hard interests undisciplined irreverant original manner possible richard feynman wisdom woman stairs

Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. Richard Feynman

To be curious about that which is not one’s concern while still in ignorance of oneself is absurd. Plato

The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of the mind for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards. Anatole France

The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity. Anatole France

Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why. Bernard Baruch

Curiosity is the one thing invincible in Nature. Freya Stark

Mere curiosity adds wings to every step. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. James Cameron

Inspirational Curiosity Quotes

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curiosity quotes learning nature prying everything reluctant leave anything material philo wisdom

Learning is by nature curiosity… prying into everything, reluctant to leave anything, material or immaterial, unexplained. Philo

Exploration is curiosity put into action. Don Walsh

Read to satisfy your own natural curiosity, not to impress or accomplish. Naval Ravikant

A fool protects his reputation. The wise man asks questions. Maxime Lagacé

The more you know, the more you want to know. Not only that, but the more you know, the more connections you can make between the different bits of knowledge that you have in your head and therefore the more ideas you have, which is why curiosity is really the wellspring of creativity. Georgina Venning

Intellectually curious people — people who are capable of learning throughout their career, of asking questions (good questions), of adapting and collaborating with others from different disciplines; people who are capable of really thriving in this world of non-routine work, in other words — are the people who are going to do better. Georgina Venning

We are all lifelong learners, from day one to twenty-thousand-and-one, and that’s why we keep exploring, wondering and discovering, yearning and learning, reaching with more than just our hands… The future belongs to the curious. skillshare.com

curiosity quotes essential progress look worlds beyond simon sinek wisdom nature hike

Curiosity is essential for progress. Only when we look to worlds beyond our own can we really know if there’s room for improvement. Simon Sinek

Increasingly, I feel curiosity and an eagerness to learn is the most crucial skill in life. If you’re not curious, I’m not sure if there is much others can do to help you. But if you’re eager to learn, even if you aren’t particularly talented, then so much is possible. James Clear

Curiosity might be pictured as being made up of chains of small questions extending outwards, sometimes over huge distances, from a central hub composed of a few blunt, large questions. Alain De Botton

Develop into a lifelong self-learner through voracious reading; cultivate curiosity and strive to become a little wiser every day. Charlie Munger

You’ll never be exceptional at something unless you think about it all the time. Shane Parrish

Follow your own curiosity, and start looking internally instead of externally for the answers. Be honest with yourself about the intersection of your skills, your passions, and what the world values. Sam Altman

curiosity quotes lack gratitude two most dangerous gaps life thibaut wisdom

A lack of gratitude and a lack of curiosity are two of the most dangerous gaps in life. Fill them in and life changes for the better. Thibaut

Be ambitious, but more than that, be inquisitive and curious. The day your curiosity dies, you may as well retire. Thibaut

Follow your intellectual curiosity over whatever is “hot” right now. If your curiosity ever leads you to a place where society eventually wants to go, you’ll get paid extremely well. Tim Ferriss

Beyond all sciences, philosophies, theologies, and histories, a child’s relentless inquiry is truly all it takes to remind us that we don’t know as much as we think we know. Criss Jami

Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect. Samuel Johnson

If you open your hand, you may receive everything. Dogen


Wise Curiosity Quotes

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curiosity quotes conquer fear bravery james stephens wisdom

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. James Stephens

Pride is for fools. Humility is for the wise. Maxime Lagacé

Less certainty. More curiosity. Neil Strauss

The curious mind embraces science; the gifted and sensitive, the arts; the practical, business; the leftover becomes an economist. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Question like a child, reason like an adult, and write like a sage. Criss Jami

Curiosity is more flexible and practical than belief. Steve Pavlina

Curiosity is a muscle — use it or lose it. It’s something that we consciously have to nurture in ourselves, in our families, in classrooms, at work. Georgina Venning

curiosity quotes cure boredom ellen parr wisdom

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Ellen Parr

The human brain is capable of only one strong emotion at a time, and if it be filled with curiosity or scientific enthusiasm, there is no room for fear. Arthur Conan Doyle

Curiosity takes ignorance seriously, and is confident enough to admit when it does not know. It is aware of not knowing, and it sets out to do something about it. Alain de Botton

Curiosity is unruly. It doesn’t like rules, or, at least, it assumes that all rules are provisional, subject to the laceration of a smart question nobody has yet thought to ask. It disdains the approved pathways, preferring diversions, unplanned excursions, impulsive left turns. In short, curiosity is deviant. Ian Leslie

If you aren’t curious about it, you’ll never be good at it. Naval Ravikant (Source)

Ignorance is a choice. Curiosity is a cure. It motivates people to educate themselves. Adam Grant

Curiosity fuels creativity, reduces confirmation bias, and prevents stereotyping. But the more we emphasize efficiency, the less curious people become. To promote a culture of curiosity, make time to ask “What if?” and “How might we?” Adam Grant

In school and in life, success depends less on how much we know than on how much we want to learn. The purpose of education is not just to impart knowledge; it’s to instill curiosity. Intrinsic motivation is fueled by mystery, exploration, and meaning. Adam Grant

Knowledge is the compound interest of curiosity. James Clear

curiosity quotes greatest teachers ones who know most adam grant wisdom

Your greatest teachers aren’t the ones who know the most. They’re the ones who want to know the most. Adam Grant

Curiosity is the superpower for the second half of our lives — it keeps us learning, it keeps us asking questions, and it increases our self-awareness. Brené Brown

Schools are about teaching compliance not fostering curiosity. Shane Parrish

Curiosity + Focus + Intention = A gateway to growth. Shane Parrish

Knowledge gained through curiosity is way different than knowledge gained through obligation. Do not stand in the way of a child’s curiosity. It is her greatest asset. Thibaut

To improve your judgment, learn how to feel intrigued instead of defensive when we encounter new information that contradicts your beliefs. Thibaut

Knowledge is cheap, curiosity is priceless. Thibaut

Curiosity is innate, but smothered via socialization and distractions. Spend enough time alone and it will return. Naval Ravikant

Genuine learning is impossible without curiosity. Naval Ravikant

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curiosity quotes learn today reason help discover wonderful secrets norton juster wisdom

What you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow. Norton Juster

Success in anything is just a byproduct of learning, and learning is a byproduct of curiosity. Ultimately, if you are curious about something, you will be successful at it, and the more curious you are about it, the more successful you will be at it. Naval Ravikant

I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life. Eleanor Roosevelt

A few thoughts on curiosity

One of the benefits of being curious is this:

you never get bored, whether alone or with other people.

If you’re truly curious, there are an infinite number of things you can try, learn and build.

As a kid, I remember taking long walks and bike rides in my neighborhood discovering new streets, faraway fields, and rivers.

I also had the chance to have a corn field behind my house where we explored the insects and plants world.

There were also small animals like frogs, birds, and raccoons from which we could learn.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m still hungry for knowledge, new technologies, and new ideas.

In sum,

what’s good about curiosity is that you can satisfy your thirst anywhere.

Boredom is just lack of attention. Sven Schnieders

Key Takeaways

  • Curiosity leads to:
  • What were Einstein’s biggest strengths? His curiosity, humility, and capacity to ask questions.
  • Want to advance your career faster? Be insatiably curious. Be a learning machine.
  • Curiosity is energy. Don’t ever lose that or you’ll become old.
  • The downsides of curiosity?
    • You can break some rules (Make sure you maintain integrity)
    • You can learn things you are “not supposed” to
    • You can make some people angry😠🤭

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