54 Maxime Lagacé Quotes About Wisdom, Happiness, Life

By Maxime Lagacé

Maxime is the founder of WisdomQuotes. He has been collecting quotes since 2004. His goal? To help you develop a calm and peaceful mind. Learn more about him on his about page.

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Here are 54 Maxime Lagacé quotes (yes, it’s me!).

I’ve been writing, journaling, and creating quotes since 2004.

But I’ve never dedicated a whole web page to them.

So now is the time.

You’ll discover some of my best quotes on wisdom, stoicism, happiness, meaning, and life.

Who influenced my writings and how?

I hope you’ll find the quotes useful and inspiring.


On Wisdom And Stoicism

maxime lagace quotes sign wisdom expect unexpected wisdom

A sign of wisdom: you expect the unexpected. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes just avoid losing time energy wisdom

Just that you avoid losing time and energy on small things. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes just avoid opinion everything wisdom

Just that you avoid having an opinion about everything. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes give damn important wisdom

Just that you only give a damn about a few things, the truly important ones. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes keep going right things wisdom

Just that you keep going, always, and keep coming back to the right things. Maxime Lagacé


maxime lagace quotes wiser focus consistency intensity wisdom

The wiser you are, the more you focus on consistency instead of intensity. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes time wasters problems answer wisdom

Time wasters are the problems. Not caring about them is the answer. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes wisdom art slacking off vital wisdom

Wisdom: the art of slacking off on useless things, and going all-in on the vital few. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes precious hours explore thoughts potential wisdom

The most precious hours are the ones where you explore: your self, your thoughts, your world, your true potential. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes scroll social media unplugging wisdom

If you can scroll social media every night for 2 hours, you can spend 30 minutes every day unplugging and truly taking care of yourself. Maxime Lagacé


maxime lagace quotes maturity strength yourself wisdom

A sign of maturity and strength: you expect more from yourself than from others. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes smart people control effort wisdom

Smart people know the only thing they control is their effort. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes good answer failures critics gratitude wisdom

A good answer to failures and critics is indifference. A wise answer is gratitude. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes remember life short only one wisdom

Remember: this life is short, precious and the only one. Maxime Lagacé

maxime lagace quotes wise best leave wisdom

The truly wise do their best, then leave. Maxime Lagacé


Maxime Lagacé on Happiness And Inner Peace

maxime lagace quotes unhappy dragged past let wisdom

The unhappy are dragged by the past. The wise let go. Maxime Lagacé

Consuming is easy. Creating is hard. That’s why so many feel stuck and unhappy.

It takes intelligence to move on quickly.

The happiest keep moving. The happiest lean forward.

maxime lagace quotes much love happens expect wisdom

As much as you can, love what happens, not what you expect. Maxime Lagacé

Just that you keep your energy on the things that will move the needle. Just that you keep your thoughts on truth, beauty and the present moment.

A sign of happiness: you forgive fast.


Inner peace is when you stop caring about outcomes.

Fools confuse ease with happiness. The wise know there must be some kind of struggle toward something to find true inner peace.

Close your eyes and listen to the little voice. Close your eyes and listen to yourself. Know yourself. Nothing else matters for inner peace.

maxime lagace quotes poor feeling empty inside rich wisdom

Poor is the one feeling empty inside. Rich is the one feeling full inside. Maxime Lagacé

Poor is the one seeking contentment externally. Rich is the one seeking contentment internally. Wise is the one who stopped seeking.

Goals inspire, plans guide, but it’s what you do daily that will make all the difference.

Close your eyes everyday for 10 minutes. See what you’re truly made of. Understand yourself. See yourself.

maxime lagace quotes root inner peace self understanding wisdom

The root of inner peace is self-understanding. Maxime Lagacé

Thinking comfort leads to happiness leads to misery.

You ensure maximum serenity by staying a little foolish.

You ensure maximum success by focusing on one thing, the most important.

You ensure maximum happiness by ignoring 99% of things.

maxime lagace quotes rushed stressed calm steady wisdom

They are rushed and stressed. You are calm and steady. Maxime Lagacé

Maxime Lagacé On Life And Meaning

maxime lagace quotes find strength nothing wisdom

May you find so much strength that nothing can stop you. Maxime Lagacé

Life is not about being first. Life is simply about discovering and expressing yourself.

You create meaning by creating, not by consuming.

You have a meaningful life when you fight for something you love.

Fools play the victim. The wise take responsibility. Fools complain. The wise solve. Fools complicate things. The wise simplify.

Avoid easy. Choose hard. It’s easy to follow a path but it’s more fulfilling to create one.

You have no idea who you are until you become silent. You have no idea what you think until you write. You have no idea what you can do until you try.

maxime lagace quotes peaceful life potential ignore society wisdom

Living a peaceful life: you have the potential if you ignore what society advocates. Maxime Lagacé

Alone, we discover ourselves. Together, we create our world.

Notice people who make an effort to be with you. Make an effort to be with them too.

Discipline: doing what your future self would be proud of.

May you find so many loving people in your life that gratitude becomes a daily ritual.

Takers divide the world. Givers create it.

maxime lagace quotes wisdom art slacking off control wisdom

Wisdom: the art of slacking off on things you don’t control, and going all-in on things you control. Maxime Lagacé

Living peacefully and doing your things, calmly, is success.

Your thoughts create your world. Good thoughts create a good world. Bad thoughts create a bad world. Choose wisely.

Wise people are calm people: they know everything is temporary.

Clear thinking comes from silence and space in your life.

maxime lagace quotes order mind world wisdom quotes

Order in your mind is order in your world. Maxime Lagacé



maxime lagace quotes more little everywhere limits sky wisdom

You are more than the little you. You are everywhere. You have no limits. You are the sky. Maxime Lagacé

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