57 Gal Shapira Quotes About People, Mentality and Success

By Maxime Lagacé

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Here are 57 of the best quotes by Gal Shapira.

Who is she?

Gal is an Israel judo athlete and multiple times national champion.

She’s also a prolific and inspiring writer.

Hope you’ll enjoy her quotes as much as I do.

gal shapira quotes dont have tell people wisdom

You don’t have to tell people what you’re up to. Gal Shapira

gal shapira quotes most important change wisdom

The most important change you can make is in the way you see yourself. Gal Shapira

gal shapira quotes being around right people wisdom

Being around the right people will completely transform your life. Gal Shapira

gal shapira quotes live state gratitude wisdom

Live in a state of gratitude most of the day. Gal Shapira

gal shapira quotes talk everyone wisdom

Talk to everyone. There’s no one below you or above you. Gal Shapira


gal shapira quotes understand you can wrong wisdom

Understand that you can be wrong while also being confident in the way you think. Gal Shapira

gal shapira quotes you literally have become wisdom

You literally have to become someone else to create a permanent change in your life. Gal Shapira

gal shapira quotes reward those there wisdom

Reward those who are there for you. Help them win. Make their lives better. Be better for them. Gal Shapira (Source)

gal shapira quotes you should understand yourself wisdom

You should understand yourself and overcome yourself a bit more every day. Gal Shapira

gal shapira quotes things align themselves wisdom

Things align themselves for you when you are focused. Gal Shapira (Source)

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The Best Gal Shapira Quotes

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gal shapira quotes completely transform yourself wisdom

You can completely transform yourself, never believe the voice that says you can’t.

A day spent not being the person you want to be is a day wasted. Work hard to change it.

Do not accept what doesn’t align with who you want to become.

Don’t make it so difficult for others to help you.

gal shapira quotes keep showing wisdom

Keep showing up. Consistency rewards itself eventually.

People feel what you feel. Raise your energy up.

Tell yourself you’re the best every day until it will no longer sound like a lie.

No one cares if you’re ready or not, opportunities don’t wait.


gal shapira quotes people misinterpret wisdom

Let people misinterpret you. Care less.

If you aren’t willing to walk away, you’re in a vulnerable position.

Never let go of your standards and boundaries because you’re afraid to lose someone. (Source)

Keep focusing on the end result and become the person you need to be to achieve it.

Short Gal Shapira Quotes

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gal shapira quotes never miss day wisdom

Never miss a day of gratitude.

Spend time with your parents.

Believe in your ability to change yourself.

Imagine your goals everyday.


gal shapira quotes you are one idea away wisdom

You are one idea away from figuring it out.

Build your value up.

Go for things that you think are beyond your current level.

Ignore the noise, focus on what you want.

When you think you have time, you waste it.

Part 2. Gal Shapira Quotes About…

Gal Shapira Quotes About People

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gal shapira quotes around people wisdom

Be around people who are better than you in some way.

Surround yourself with close people you can build with, not just chill with.

Put someone on a pedestal and you’ll be treated like a fan.

Don’t let your ego ruin meaningful relationships.

gal shapira quotes make habit talk wisdom

Make it a habit to talk to anyone around you. Be friendly, you can never know who you’ll meet.

Don’t believe everything people say. Everyone can talk, be careful.

Notice how certain people make you think, feel and act around them. You should spend more time around those who make you better.

When someone struggles to be a part of the conversation, it’ll cost you 0$ to be cool and help them out. (Source)

Dedicate time everyday to study the skills of people who are better than you.

gal shapira quotes best response wisdom

The best response in a negative social situation is a nonemotional one.


Gal Shapira Quotes About Mentality

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gal shapira quotes better feel inside wisdom

The better you feel inside, the less you judge. You simply don’t care.

The more confidence you have, the less you feel the need to explain yourself to people.

You should always be willing to challenge your beliefs and way of thinking.

You need to create a higher level of mind to solve your current level of problems. (Source)

That voice that says “I’ll do it later” is your subconscious program trying to sabotage any type of change.

gal shapira quotes raise your standards wisdom

Raise your standards, go for what you think is outside of your league at the moment.

Ask for guidance from your subconscious, don’t try to solve everything with your analytical mind.

Being attractive is extremely valuable. A lot about attractiveness is within your control. Grooming, the way you move, developing an attractive personality (confidence, charisma, humor, great social intelligence), achievements… It’s worth putting your focus on it.

See yourself as better than you actually are. Because you are… you’re just used to seeing yourself as worst. (Source)

You start rewiring your brain in different ways by becoming conscious of unconscious patterns. Attention disrupts automatic thoughts and behaviors.

gal shapira quotes you owe your best wisdom

You owe your best to your family and supporters.

Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself for the sake of getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting.

Most people spend 70% of their lives living in fear and survival.

If you don’t have at least 30-60 minutes to work on yourself, change your priorities.

If you are procrastinating, you have limiting beliefs you need to rewire.


Part 3. Conclusion

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gal shapira quotes always pick yourself wisdom

You can always pick yourself up again and it’s always worth it. Start from zero again and again a thousand times, as long as you’re still alive.

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