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By Maxime Lagacé maxime lagace small

I’ve been collecting the best boredom quotes for the last couple of years. And now, here are 67 of them just for you. The goal? To inspire you and make you realize that after all, boredom may not be so bad… Enjoy!
boredom quotes desires leo tolstoy wisdom quotes

Boredom: the desire for desires. Leo Tolstoy Click to tweet

boredom quotes feeling everything waste serenity thomas szasz wisdom quotes

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. Thomas Szasz Click to tweet

boredom quotes comes thinking moment enough james pierce wisdom quotes

Boredom comes from thinking this moment isn’t enough. James Pierce Click to tweet

boredom quotes everything want will paulo coelho wisdom quotes

When I get everything I want, I will die of boredom. Paulo Coelho (twitter.com) Click to tweet

boredom quotes never bored boring eleanor roosevelt wisdom quotes

Never be bored, and you will never be boring. Eleanor Roosevelt Click to tweet

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boredom quotes insult life paulo coelho wisdom quotes

Boredom is an insult to life. Paulo Coelho (twitter.com) Click to tweet

boredom quotes cant waste time shane parrish wisdom quotes

You can’t waste time, only yourself. Shane Parrish Click to tweet

boredom quotes really wise nettled nothing rochefoucauld wisdom quotes

He is really wise who is nettled at nothing. François de La Rochefoucauld Click to tweet

boredom quotes type ingratitude daily zen wisdom quotes

Boredom is a type of ingratitude. Daily Zen (twitter.com) Click to tweet

boredom quotes boring bored joshua fields millburn wisdom quotes

Only the boring are bored. Joshua Fields Millburn Click to tweet

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boredom quotes doing boring things advantage shane parrish wisdom quotes

Doing boring things without getting bored is a competitive advantage. Shane Parrish (twitter.com) Click to tweet

boredom quotes two enemies happiness arthur schopenhauer wisdom quotes

The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. Arthur Schopenhauer Click to tweet

boredom quotes solutions kunal shah wisdom quotes

All solutions of boredom, become boredom. Kunal Shah (twitter.com) Click to tweet

boredom quotes calm modest life happiness albert einstein wisdom quotes

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. Albert Einstein Click to tweet

boredom quotes bored people expect accept maxime lagace wisdom quotes

Bored people expect. Wise people accept. Maxime Lagacé Click to tweet

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A few thoughts on boredom….

Most of us can’t deal with boredom.

Thus, we take our smartphones and get “busy”, scrolling infinitely and doing nothing important.

We simply seek our quick dopamine fixes.

At least, this is what I observe on people around me, here in Canada.


our brain didn’t evolve to be connected 24/7 on news and drama.

Thus, we become stressed and overwhelmed.

In a sense, we forgot how to be bored, the right the way.

We forgot how it feels to think, to wander, to create or simply to do nothing.

We forgot how to slow down, how to feel, how to simply be and enjoy being, without anything else.

We learned how to be connected to our smartphones, but we forgot to stay connected with ourselves.

Do you feel the same way?

See also: How to Reconnect to Yourself (psychcentral.com)

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boredom quotes smartphones removed peace mind wisdom quotes

Smartphones removed boredom at the cost of peace of mind. Unknown Click to tweet

There’s no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes, Crazy, yes. But there’s no excuse for boredom, ever. Viggo Mortensen

I would rather die of passion than of boredom. Vincent Van Gogh

Boredom is perhaps the greatest villain on the quest for self-improvement. James Clear (Atomic Habits, Amazon book)

Without lies humanity would perish of despair and boredom. Anatole France

We try and make every good experience repeatable, and then run away from the resulting boredom. Naval Ravikant (twitter.com)

The more you run from boredom, the more it follows you. James Pierce

boredom quotes being bored useful maxime lagace wisdom quotes

Being bored is more useful than being busy. Maxime Lagacé Click to tweet

Normalize doing nothing and being fine with it. Maxime Lagacé

Entertainment becomes boring if not constrained. Angela Jiang

Order without diversity can result in monotony and boredom; diversity without order can produce chaos. Francis D.K. Ching

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Do not get bored with the process. Erik Spoelstra

I can stand defeats, pain, anger. But I can’t stand boredom. Paulo Coelho (twitter.com)

Boredom and insecurity may have brought you into the cave but you don’t have to stay. Thema Bryant-Davis

A generation that cannot endure boredom will be a generation of little men… of men in whom every vital impulse slowly withers, as though they were cut flowers in a vase. Bertrand Russell

Man finds nothing so intolerable as to be in a state of complete rest, without passions, without occupation, without diversion, without effort. Blaise Pascal

boredom quotes believe right place bored maxime lagace wisdom quotes

Believe you’re at the right place at the right time and you won’t be bored. Maxime Lagacé Click to tweet

Boredom is a filter. Common ideas come before it. Uncommon ideas come after it. Sit with a project long enough to get bored with it, then sit a little more. The most useful insights bubble up after you get bored. James Clear (twitter.com)

Top performers in any craft figure out a way to fall in love with boredom, put in their reps, and do the work. James Clear

Boredom is the inevitable consequence of a life devoted to pleasure. Kapil Gupta (twitter.com)

I begin with the principle that all men are bores. Surely no one will prove himself so great a bore as to contradict me in this. Søren Kierkegaard

Happiness is loving the boring days. Thibaut

Boredom leads to one of these two things: more boredom or more creativity. Matthew Kobach

You waste years by not being able to waste hours. Amos Tversky

Doing drugs is just a war with boredom. Mac Miller

boredom quotes almost always bored rochefoucauld wisdom quotes

Almost always we are bored by people to whom we ourselves are boring. François de La Rochefoucauld

We often boast that we are never bored, but yet we are so conceited that we do not perceive how often we bore others. François de La Rochefoucauld Click to tweet

Boredom is a defense mechanism to avoid having to sit alone with our unaddressed thoughts. Naval Ravikant (twitter.com)

I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough. Richard Feynman

Boredom is a privilege. Cherish it while it lasts instead of trying to fix it. Preethi Kasireddy (twitter.com)

Smartphones are boredom killers. Smartphones create boring people. Unknown

boredom quotes attention interesting jon kabat zinn wisdom quotes

When you pay attention to boredom it gets unbelievably interesting. Jon Kabat-Zinn Click to tweet

You are not bored, you are boring. Brian Norgard

Boredom is a privilege. Instead of finding ways to entertain yourself, embrace the boredom. Your mind is finally free. Preethi Kasireddy (twitter.com)

Meditation is intermittent fasting for the mind. Too much sugar leads to a heavy body, and too many distractions lead to a heavy mind. Time spent undistracted and alone, in self-examination, journaling, meditation, resolves the unresolved and takes us from mentally fat to fit. Naval Ravikant (twitter.com)

Dullness doesn’t sell ads, so the media manufactures a continuous stream of outrage to fill the void. Elaine Ou

The phone gives us a lot but it takes away three key elements of discovery: loneliness, uncertainty, and boredom. Those have always been where creative ideas come from. Lynda Barry

You’ll do better work if you’re bored rather than busy. Naval Ravikant (twitter.com)

There is no observable difference between peace and boredom – only your mindset. Angela Jiang

boredom quotes just attention sven schnieders wisdom quotes

Boredom is just lack of attention. Sven Schnieders Click to tweet

Human life must be some kind of mistake. The truth of this will be sufficiently obvious if we only remember that man is a compound of needs and necessities hard to satisfy; and that even when they are satisfied, all he obtains is a state of painlessness, where nothing remains to him but abandonment to boredom. Arthur Schopenhauer

Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom. Arthur Schopenhauer

Boredom ought to be one of the seven deadly sins. It deserves the honor. Frederick Buechner

Loneliness is cured by contact with yourself. Sven Schnieders

Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders they have managed to invent boredom. Terry Pratchett

Against boredom even gods struggle in vain. Friedrich Nietzsche

boredom quotes cant bored precious life maxime lagace wisdom quotes

You can’t be bored when you remember how precious life is. Maxime Lagacé Click to tweet

Monotony has nothing to do with a place; monotony, either in its sensation or its infliction, is simply the quality of a person. There are no dreary sights; there are only dreary sight seers. G.K. Chesterton (Alarms and Discursions, Amazon book)

It is fatal to know too much at the outset. Boredom comes as quickly to the traveler who knows his route as the novelist who is over certain of his plot. Paul Theroux

I know enough of the world now to have almost lost the capacity of being much surprised by anything. Charles Dickens

I feel monotony and death to be almost the same. Charlotte Bronte

Greatness is consistency. Meditating once is common. Meditating daily is rare. Exercising today is simple. Training every week is simply remarkable. Writing one essay doesn’t mean much. Writing every day practically makes you a hero. Unheroic days can make for heroic decades. James Clear (twitter.com)

The greatest threat to success is not failure, but boredom. James Clear (twitter.com)

boredom quotes cure curiosity ellen parr wisdom quotes

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Ellen Parr Click to tweet

Call to action: Read How to Fall in Love With Boredom and Unlock Your Mental Toughness (jamesclear.com)
or 5 Benefits of Boredom (psychologytoday.com)
or The Art of Being Bored: How to Be More Productive By Doing Nothing (zapier.com)

Hope you enjoyed these surprising boredom quotes. Hope you also discoved that boredom can, in fact, be beneficial to your mental health, productivity and creativity. Now, if you liked the quotes, please share them with a bored friend today!

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Maxime Lagacé started collecting quotes in 2004 after he lost his girlfriend in a car accident.

In search of meaning, he dived in the self-improvement world, psychology and trail running. His goal was to understand his pain, his depression, his fears, his lack of motivation and inspiration.

Books, blogs, quotes and nature became his guide.

He finished his software engineering degree in 2007 at the École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal. He also studied at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A few years later, he started his first website to share his passion for quotes.

Maxime is a father of two, INFJ and also loves running. His best 5k is 17 minutes 41 seconds and his best marathon (42k) is in 3 hours 33 minutes 11 seconds (with 1800 meters of elevation gain).

Other notable interests of Maxime are health (mental and physical), meditation, nutrition, bananas, SEO, human potential, education, learning, productivity and minimalism.

Finally, he is (very) far from being perfect.

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