171 Three Word Quotes [Ultimate List]

By Maxime Lagacé

Maxime is the founder of WisdomQuotes. He has been collecting quotes since 2004. His goal? To help you develop a calm and peaceful mind. Learn more about him on his about page.

three word quotes wisdom
The best quotes don’t have many words.

Sometimes even one or two words.

They are:

  • punchy
  • easy to remember
  • packed with wisdom

That’s why I’ve collected 171 of the best three word quotes for you.

Since 2004, I’ve been looking for the best quotes, and those are among the best I’ve found.

What are the topics?

Life, inspiration, motivation, happiness, attitude, peace, and more.

So sit back and relax.

And enjoy this list that will give you more inspiration than you need!

Let’s begin!

three word quotes accept the moment wisdom

Accept the moment

Act without expectation

Achieve your dreams

Action over words

Actually, I can

Adventure is calling

Always be faithful

Always be yourself

Appreciate the moment

Ask good questions

Be an inspiration

Be kind today

Be here now

Be the exception

Be the change


three word quotes believe in you wisdom

Believe in you

Believe you can

Bet on you

Break the routine

Build your dreams

But first, coffee

Buy fewer things

Calm. Peaceful. Powerful.

Calm, peaceful mind

Change is good

Clear your mind

Coffee o’clock

Courage, dear heart. C.S. Lewis

Create your path

Creating over consuming


three word quotes count your blessing wisdom

Count your blessings

Dare to begin

Dare to try

Discipline is key

Do hard things

Do it now

Do things yourself

Do with love

Do with passion

Do your best

Don’t give up

Dreams come true

Embrace the journey

Enjoy every moment

Enjoy every sandwich

Enjoy your life

Eventually, everything connects


three word quotes everything has beauty wisdom

Everything has beauty

Expectations kills happiness

Failure is necessary

Fall in love

Fearlessly be yourself

Feed your soul

Find your fire

Find your strength

Get funky now

Get shit done

Get out there

Get over it

Give to get

Got a dream?

Go for it

three word quotes good vibes only wisdom

Good vibes only

Happiness is homemade

Have fun (seriously!)

Health. Love. Fun.

Health is life

Health is wealth

Help other people

Hope is strength

How are you?

Hugs help heal

I am enough

I am fabulous

I don’t care

I don’t mind

It goes on


three word quotes imagine believe achieve wisdom

Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Just be yourself

Just do it

Just do you

Just stay calm

Keep it cool

Keep it light

Keep it simple

Keep moving forward

Kind. Human. Heart.

Knowledge is power

Learn from mistakes

Less is more

Let it be

Let it go

Let’s be honest

Let’s be friends

Let’s be real

Let’s go anywhere

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three word quotes life is beautiful wisdom

Life is beautiful

Life is good

Life is precious

Life is short

Listen. Learn. Grow.

Listening is underrated

Live. Laugh. Love.

Live for love

Live in color

Love each other

Love is free

Love the hustle

Love what happens

Make it count

Make it happen

Make it work

Make new friends

three word quotes make today amazing wisdom

Make today amazing

Make yourself happy

Master your mind

Mind your things

Never give up

Never look back

Never lose hope

Never stop dreaming

Never stop exploring

No one cares

Only one life

Only this life

Own your magic

Pain is useful

Peace of mind

Peaceful and happy

Peaceful is powerful

Practice makes awesome

Process over results

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three word quotes push your boundaries wisdom

Push your boundaries

Radiate positive vibes

Rain will fall

Read more books

Real is beautiful

Real is rare

Remember to smile

Remember your why

Rest is wise

Save your money

See the good

Simplify your life

Slow is underrated

Smile. Sparkle. Shine.

Smile. It’s free.

So very thankful

three word quotes start with courage wisdom

Start with courage

Take a roadtrip

Take it easy

Take the risk

Take your time

Think happy thoughts

Time heals everything

This will pass

Try doing good

Try something new

Try, try, try

Weird is rad

Whatever it takes

Winners never quit

three word quotes why not now wisdom

Why not now?

You absolutely can

You will succeed

You will win

You are beautiful

You are enough

You are loved

You are peaceful

You are whole

You got this

Young. Wild. Free.

Young and brave

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I hope you enjoyed these inspiring three word quotes.

And remember: words are powerful. They can change your life.

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