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art quotes chief enemy creativity good sense pablo picasso wisdom rabbit paint

The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense. Pablo Picasso Click to tweet

art quotes bring your humanity maxime lagace wisdom frames pictures

Bring your humanity to your art. Bring your art to humanity. Maxime Lagacé Click to tweet

art quotes art deteriorates when done for audience james pierce wisdom man painting

Art deteriorates when it is done for the audience. James Pierce Click to tweet

art quotes order irreplaceable one must always different coco chanel wisdom woman nature sitting

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. Coco Chanel

art quotes artist cannot fail success charles horton cooley wisdom

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one. Charles Cooley Click to tweet


art quotes great artist simplifier vincent van gogh wisdom

The great artist is the simplifier. Vincent Van Gogh Click to tweet

art quotes had much fire many plans claude money wisdom

I had so much fire in me and so many plans. Claude Monet Click to tweet

art quotes only thing know that paint because need frida kahlo wisdom woman

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to. Frida Kahlo Click to tweet

art quotes painting self discovery every good artist paints what jackson pollock wisdom

Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is. Jackson Pollock Click to tweet

art quotes enables find ourselves lose same time thomas merton wisdom

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton Click to tweet


art quotes draw you must close your eyes sing pablo picasso wisdom

To draw you must close your eyes and sing. Pablo Picasso Click to tweet

art quotes every artist dips his brush own soul paints nature into pictures henry ward beecher wisdom painting

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Henry Ward Beecher Click to tweet

art quotes never worry about being obsessive like people make great susan sontag wisdom woman laughing

Never worry about being obsessive. I like obsessive people. Obsessive people make great art. Susan Sontag Click to tweet

art quotes you allowed steal anything can make better ernest hemingway wisdom

In any art you’re allowed to steal anything if you can make it better. Ernest Hemingway Click to tweet

art quotes mind every artist there masterpiece kai greene wisdom man working focus

In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece. Kai Greene Click to tweet

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The Best Art Quotes

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art quotes world always seems brighter when just made something that wasnt there before neil gaiman wisdom

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. Neil Gaiman Click to tweet

Let’s get a little crazy here. Bob Ross

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. Pablo Picasso

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth. John F. Kennedy

I think being different, going against the grain of society is the greatest thing in the world. Elijah Wood

Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious. Oscar Wilde

You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at the picture for a second and think of it all your life. Joan Miro

If I paint something, I don’t want to have to explain what it is. Bob Ross

An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success. Henri Matisse

art quotes meant disturb science reassures georges braque wisdom

Art is meant to disturb, science reassures. Georges Braque Click to tweet


I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality. Frida Kahlo

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Scott Adams

It is better to be high-spirited even though one makes more mistakes, than to be narrow-minded and all to prudent. Vincent van Gogh

The power of nature is such that it’s what all art strives to be. The more we can get in tune with the harmony of the planet, the more our art can benefit from that relationship. Rick Rubin

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Leonardo da Vinci Click to tweet

The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize. Robert Hughes

art quotes tell your own story interesting louise bourgeois wisdom man room

Tell your own story, and you will be interesting. Louise Bourgeois Click to tweet

All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story; to vomit the anguish up. James Baldwin

Our primary function is to create an emotion and our secondary function is to sustain that emotions. Alfred Hitchcock

Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy. Albert Einstein

You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life. Salvador Dalí

I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free. Georgia O’Keeffe

To be an artist, you need to exist in a world of silence. Louise Bourgeois

The best reason to paint is that there is no reason to paint. Keith Haring Click to tweet

The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death. Steven Pressfield (The War Of Art)

If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud. Emile Zola

Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it. Leon Trotsky

art quotes creativity gives hope worthwhile idea edward de bono wisdom hands working

Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Edward de Bono

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke. Jerzy Kosinski

In the creative state a man is taken out of himself. E. M. Forster

I wanted to start a revolution, using art to build the sort of society I myself envisioned. Yayoi Kusama

A work is finished when an artist realizes his intentions. Rembrandt

Art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something. Rainbow Rowell

An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s. J. D. Salinger

The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness. Joan Miro

Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things. Edgar Degas

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Unknown

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Dr. Seuss

Part 2. Art Quotes That Are…

The Most Famous Art Quotes (Picasso, da Vinci, Einstein, etc.)

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art quotes never finished only abandonned leonardo da vinci wisdom man

Art is never finished, only abandoned. Leonardo da Vinci

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen. Leonardo da Vinci

Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings. Agnes Martin

Bad artists copy. Good artists steal. Pablo Picasso Click to tweet

Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso

The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from. David Bowie

I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art. Madonna

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. Vincent van Gogh

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. Vincent Van Gogh

art quotes most beautiful thing experience mysterious source true science albert einstein wisdom mountain cabin nature

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. Albert Einstein

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If you hear a voice within you saying, ”You are not a painter,” then by all means paint… and that voice will be silenced. Vincent van Gogh

Art is my life and my life is art. Yoko Ono

Every artist was first an amateur. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The moment you think you understand a great work of art, it’s dead for you. Oscar Wilde

A picture is a poem without words. Horace

Without tradition art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation it is a corpse. Winston Churchill

I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people. Bob Ross

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. Ansel Adams

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it. Salvador Dalí Click to tweet

I am not strange. I am just not normal. Salvador Dalí

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. Salvador Dalí

If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. Michelangelo

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude. Friedrich Nietzsche

I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best. Frida Kahlo

Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted. Martin Luther King Jr

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Short Art Quotes

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One-liners, short art quotes, thoughts, sayings and captions for your bio, social status, self-talk, motto, mantra, signs, posters, wallpapers, backgrounds.
art quotes beauty will save the world dosteovsky wisdom mountains nature

Beauty will save the world. Dosteovsky Click to tweet

Painter, paint! Salvador Dalí

Art must destroy violence, only it can do it. Leo Tolstoy

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. Albert Einstein

Art should tell what the system does not. @AmuseChimp

Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way. Albert Einstein

Art is to look at not to criticize. Edgar Allen Poe

Art is a way of recognizing oneself. Louise Bourgeois

If you find yourself broken then make art with the pieces. Chris Ruden (twitter.com)

Personality is everything in art and poetry. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You study, you learn, but you guard the original naivete. Henri Matisse

Art lives from constraints and dies from freedom. Leonardo da Vinci

Painting is silent poetry. Plutarch

Sometimes with art, it is important just to look. Marina Abramović

Controversy is part of the nature of art and creativity. Yoko Ono

Don’t think about making art… Andy Warhol

Every good painter paints what he is. Jackson Pollock Click to tweet

A true masterpiece does not tell everything. Albert Camus

Intensity is all that matters in painting. John Piper

To be an artist is to believe in life. Henry Moore

Art is a lie that makes us realize truth. Pablo Picasso

Art is the elimination of the unnecessary. Pablo Picasso

Art is a line around your thoughts. Gustav Klimt

art quotes coming face with yourself jackson pollock wisdom woman nature

Art is coming face to face with yourself. Jackson Pollock

I shut my eyes in order to see. Paul Gauguin Click to tweet

Art = a mad search for individualism. Paul Gauguin

The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands. Leonardo da Vinci

Perspective is to painting what the bridle is to the horse, the rudder to a ship. Leonardo da Vinci

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. Leonardo da Vinci

Think eight hours, work two hours. Mirko Ilic

Art is not a thing, it is a way. Elbert Hubbard

To create one’s own world takes courage. Georgia O’Keeffe

I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate. Vincent van Gogh Click to tweet

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso

I shall be so brief that I have already finished. Salvador Dalí

It is absurd to look for perfection. Camille Pissarro

I must have flowers, always, and always. Claude Monet

Life is too short to remain unnoticed. Salvador Dalí

Knowing how to look is a way of inventing. Salvador Dalí

I’m in fine fettle and fired with a desire to paint. Claude Monet

art quotes must life must belong everybody marina abramovic wisdom

Art must be life — it must belong to everybody. Marina Abramović Click to tweet

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. Elbert Hubbard

To create, one must first question everything. Eileen Gray

Everything starts from a dot. Wassily Kandinsky

To gain freedom is to gain simplicity. Joan Miro

The more I work, the more I want to work. Joan Miro

I work like a gardener. Joan Miro

At the heart of all great art is an essential melancholy. Federico Garcia Lorca

Inspirational Art Quotes

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art quotes either revolution plagiarism paul gauguin wisdom

Art is either revolution or plagiarism. Paul Gauguin Click to tweet

Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. Andy Warhol

Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working. Pablo Picasso

Don’t be fooled by success and money. Don’t let anything come between you and your work. Louise Bourgeois

When you do things for their own sake, that’s when you create your best work. That’s when it’s art. Naval Ravikant

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. Leo Tolstoy

To be great, art has to point somewhere. Anne Lamott

When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection. Agnes Martin

The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying. Steven Pressfield (The War Of Art)

Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. Steven Pressfield (The War Of Art)

All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind. Bob Ross

I started painting as a hobby when I was little. I didn’t know I had any talent. I believe talent is just a pursued interest. Anybody can do what I do. Bob Ross

A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others. Salvador Dalí

Make art that makes you happy. Make art that makes you better. Make art that makes you money. Make art that makes a difference. Sahil Lavingia

If I’m going to be anything more than average, if anyone is going to remember me, then I need to go further, in art, in life, in everything! Salvador Dalí

The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. Steve Jobs

The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life. William Faulkner

art quotes not torment artist privilege louise bourgeois wisdom woman sitting gallery

It is not a torment to be an artist. It is a privilege. Louise Bourgeois

Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world. Leonardo da Vinci

With the pride of the artist, you must blow against the walls of every power that exists the small trumpet of your defiance. Norman Mailer

The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation. Auguste Rodin

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. John F. Kennedy

My role in society, or any artist’s or poet’s role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all. John Lennon

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. Francis of Assisi Click to tweet

Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire. Dale Carnegie

It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly. Claude Monet

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. Kurt Vonnegut

Stay firmly in your path and dare; be wild two hours a day. Paul Gauguin

I have been enlightened. I have fallen into poetry and it has swallowed me up. Keith Haring

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does, the better. André Gide

Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams? Tim Burton

Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I accomplish. Michelangelo

Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. Peter O’Toole

The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose. James Baldwin

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. Vincent van Gogh

By working hard, old man, I hope to make something good one day. I haven’t yet, but I am pursuing it and fighting for it. Vincent van Gogh

One must spoil as many canvases as one succeeds with. Vincent van Gogh

If I close my eyes, I see things better than with my eyes open. Henri Matisse

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Funny And Quirky Art Quotes That Will Make You Smile

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art quotes dont make mistakes have happy accidents bob ross wisdom man camera smile

We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents. Bob Ross Click to tweet

I am not an inventor. I steal everything. Anne Bogart

We have always been shamelss about stealing great ideas. Steve Jobs

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line. Oscar Levant

It’s better to create something that others criticize than to create nothing and criticize others. Ricky Gervais

I just wanna make the world a better-looking place. If you don’t like it, you can paint over it! Banksy (Check out Banksy on Instagram)

People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly. Banksy

We tell people sometimes: we’re like drug dealers, come into town and get everybody absolutely addicted to painting. It doesn’t take much to get you addicted. Bob Ross

There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no and wow. Milton Glaser

If people would just look at the paintings, I don’t think they would have any trouble enjoying them. It’s like looking at a bed of flowers, you don’t tear your hair out over what it means. Jackson Pollock

As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance. Calvin

The fact I myself do not understand what my paintings mean while I am painting them does not imply that they are meaningless. Salvador Dalí

The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret. Salvador Dalí

If you understand a painting beforehand, you might as well not paint it. Salvador Dalí

I believe in general death but in the death of Dalí absolutely not. Salvador Dalí

What is originality? Undetected plagiarism. William Ralph Inge Click to tweet

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons. Al Hirschfeld

I’m not performing miracles, I’m using up and wasting a lot of paint. Claude Monet

The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic. Oscar Wilde

Bus stops are far more interesting and useful places to have art than in museums. Banksy

Deep Art Quotes

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art quotes job artist always deepen mystery francis bacon wisdom man wall

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery. Francis Bacon Click to tweet

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star. Friedrich Nietzsche

My paintings are not about what is seen. They are about what is known forever in the mind. Agnes Martin

If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for? Alice Walker

Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. Donald Winnicott

Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first. Arthur Schopenhauer

An artist is a sort of emotional or spiritual historian. His role is to make you realize the doom and glory of knowing who you are and what you are. James Baldwin

The achilles heel of an artist lies in the hope that his art is good. Kapil Gupta

A work of art has no importance whatever to society. It is only important to the individual. Vladimir Nabokov

Forget yourself. Become one with eternity. Become part of your environment. Yayoi Kusama

The creative union of the conscious with the unconscious is what one usually calls ‘inspiration’. Leon Trotsky

Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creations. Albert Einstein

What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it. Salvador Dalí

art quotes all great contains center comtemplation dynamic susan sontag wisdom owl

All great art contains at its center contemplation, a dynamic contemplation. Susan Sontag

People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings. Salvador Dalí

An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them. Andy Warhol

Not everyone is capable of madness; and of those lucky enough to be capable, not many have the courage for it. August Strindberg

Perhaps it’s true that I’m very hard on myself, but that’s better than exhibiting mediocre work… too few were satisfactory enough to trouble the public with. Claude Monet

It is a tragedy that we live in a world where physical courage is so common, and moral courage is so rare. Claude Monet

It is better to have done something than to have been someone. Claude Monet

I often painted fragments of things because it seemed to make my statement as well as or better than the whole could. Georgia O’Keeffe

The true painter must be able, with the most usual things, to have the most unusual ideas. Salvador Dalí

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau Click to tweet

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control. Julia Cameron

I would like to paint the way a bird sings. Claude Monet

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality. Tim Burton

Art is a step in the known toward the unknown. Kahlil Gibran

Art helps us identify with one another and expands our notion of we – from the local to the global. Olafur Eliasson

Every line is the actual experience with its own unique story. Cy Twombly

The main thing in making art often is letting go of your expectation and your idea. Agnes Martin

There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality. Pablo Picasso

Most people die before they are fully born. Creativeness means to be born before one dies. Erich Fromm

So much time is wasted on trying to be better than others. Elijah Wood

An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world. George Santayana

The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul. Wassily Kandinsky

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Wise Art Quotes (Words Of Wisdom)

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art quotes there must because free wassily kandinsky wisdom

There is no must in art because art is free. Wassily Kandinsky Click to tweet

The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents. Salvador Dalí

The world is only as free as it allows its artists to be. Rick Rubin

The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution! Albert Einstein

The painting rises from the brushstrokes as a poem rises from the words. The meaning comes later. Joan Miro

The public wants to understand and learn in a single day, a single minute, what the artist has spent years learning. Paul Gauguin

I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things. Henri Matisse

There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted. Henri Matisse

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. Herman Melville

It is better to paint from memory, for thus your work will be your own. Paul Gauguin

Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do. Edgar Degas

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint. Edward Hopper

art quotes most intense mode individualism world has known oscar wilde wisdom man street

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. Oscar Wilde Click to tweet

Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite – getting something down. Julia Cameron

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. Oscar Wilde

The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist. Eric Gill

He only moves toward the perfection of his art whose criticism surpasses his achievement. Leonardo da Vinci

Contrary to general belief, an artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs. Edgard Varese

Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know. Rembrandt

An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way. Charles Bukowski

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Edgar Degas

An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision. James Whistler

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Part 3. Art Quotes About…

Art Quotes About The Importance Of Art, Purpose, Healing Power

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Artists to my mind are the real architects of change. William S. Burroughs

The purpose of art is mystery. Rene Magritte

Art is an escape from reality. Henri Matisse

Man needs music, literature, and painting – all those oases of perfection that make up art – to compensate for the rudeness and materialism of life. Fernando Botero

Art is restoration: the idea is to repair the damages that are inflicted in life, to make something that is fragmented – which is what fear and anxiety do to a person – into something whole. Louise Bourgeois

Healing yourself is connected with healing others. Yoko Ono

The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Kurt Vonnegut

The function of the artist in a disturbed society is to give awareness of the universe, to ask the right questions, and to elevate the mind. Marina Abramovic

The activity of art is… as important as the activity of language itself, and as universal. Leo Tolstoy

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Aristotle

My art is capable of liberating man from the tyranny of the ‘practical, rational world.’ Salvador Dalí

In art, and in the higher ranges of science, there is a feeling of harmony which underlies all endeavor. There is no true greatness in art or science without that sense of harmony. Albert Einstein

One of the strongest motives that lead men to art and science is escape from everyday life with its painful crudity and hopeless dreariness, from the fetters of one’s own ever-shifting desires. Albert Einstein

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from a deep feeling of anxiety which I have tried to express in my art. Edvard Munch

One of the functions of art is to give people the words to know their own experience. Ursula K. Le Guin

Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further. Keith Haring

Whatever you do, the only secret is to believe in it and satisfy yourself. Don’t do it for anyone else. Keith Haring

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Banksy Click to tweet

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. Stella Adler

For me, painting is a way to forget life. It is a cry in the night, a strangled laugh. Georges Rouault

What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit. John Updike

The artist has one function–to affirm and glorify life. W. Edward Brown

I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say “he feels deeply, he feels tenderly”. Vincent Van Gogh

The goal of art was the vital expression of self. Alfred Stieglitz

A good painter has two main objects to paint, man and the intention of his soul. The former is easy, the latter hard as he has to represent it by the attitude and movement of the limbs. Leonardo da Vinci

All the sorrow, all the bitterness, all the sadness, I forget them and ignore them in the joy of working. Camille Pissarro

The attitude that nature is chaotic and that the artist puts order into it is a very absurd point of view, I think. All that we can hope for is to put some order into ourselves. Willem de Kooning

I am an artist because the knot is so powerful I just can not, nor want to be, anything else or do anything else. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Pablo Picasso

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Pablo Picasso

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. Pablo Picasso

An artist discovers his genius the day he dares not to please. Andre Malraux

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Twyla Tharp

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Quotes About Art And Color, Light

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You need the dark in order to show the light. Bob Ross

Some colors reconcile themselves to one another, others just clash. Edvard Munch

Color is a power which directly influences the soul. Wassily Kandinsky

Color is a means to exert a direct influence on the soul. Wassily Kandinsky

Color is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano, with its many strings. Wassily Kandinsky

There is no blue without yellow and without orange. Vincent van Gogh (Did he mean that there’s no sadness without happiness?)

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. Vincent van Gogh

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. Claude Monet Click to tweet

It is only after years of preparation that the young artist should touch color – not color used descriptively, that is, but as a means of personal expression. Henri Matisse

I’ve been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors is black. Henri Matisse

It is with color that you render light, though you must also feel this light, have it within yourself. Henri Matisse

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for. Georgia O’Keeffe

The point is to know how to use the colors, the choice of which is, when all’s said and done, a matter of habit. Claude Monet

Critic asks: ‘And what, sir, is the subject matter of that painting?’ – ‘The subject matter, my dear good fellow, is the light. Claude Monet

What I need most of all is color, always, always. Claude Monet

Without atmosphere a painting is nothing. Rembrandt

Quotes About Unfinished art

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Finish the work, otherwise an unfinished work will finish you. Amit Kalantri

Another year is ending, but something is pending. Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Above all, an artist must never be too easily satisfied with what he has done. Henri Matisse

No great work of art is ever finished. Michelangelo Click to tweet

There are dozens of unfinished or aborted projects in my files, but I can only assume they don’t get done because they’re not robust enough to struggle through the birth process. Grant Morrison

I know the sag of the unfinished poem. And I know the release of the poem that is finished. Mary Oliver

You are an unfinished work in progress. One of the good things about life’s challenges: you get to find out that you’re capable of being far more than you ever thought possible. Karen Salmonsohn

I never want projects to be finished; I have always believed in unfinished work. I got that from Schubert, you know, the ‘Unfinished Symphony’. Yoko Ono

I always believed that my work should be unfinished in the sense that I encourage people to add their creativity to it, either conceptually or physically. Yoko Ono

When I’m playing, I’m never through. It’s unfinished. I like to find a place to leave for someone else to finish it. That’s where the high comes in. Miles Davis

I know I will leave my work unfinished. I just hope I planted enough seeds in my children and grandchildren that they will continue. David Robinson

Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun. Christina Rossetti

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Part 4. Conclusion

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Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something. Kurt Vonnegut Click to tweet

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maxime lagace

Maxime Lagacé started collecting quotes in 2004 after he lost his girlfriend in a car accident.

In search of meaning, he dived in the self-improvement world, psychology and trail running. His goal was to understand his pain, his depression, his fears, his lack of motivation and inspiration.

Books, blogs, quotes and nature became his guide.

He finished his software engineering degree in 2007 at the École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal. He also studied at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A few years later, he started his first website to share his passion for quotes.

Maxime is a father of two, INFJ and also loves running. His best 5k is 17 minutes 41 seconds and his best marathon (42k) is in 3 hours 33 minutes 11 seconds (with 1800 meters of elevation gain).

Other notable interests of Maxime are health (mental and physical), meditation, nutrition, bananas, SEO, human potential, education, learning, productivity and minimalism.

Finally, he is (very) far from being perfect.

You can find him on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, Strava, Sportstats, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

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February 21, 2018

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January 3, 2022

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  1. You have my sincere thanks for doing the hard work of hand picking this commendable collection of wisdom, perspective and hope.

  2. Fantastic and inspirational! Thank you for me, and thank you for such a nice tribute to everyone quoted. I appreciate your hard work!

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