Thank You Wisdom Readers – Thank You 2017

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Dear Wisdom Quotes readers.

I just wanted to THANK YOU.

2017 was a special year for me.

I relaunched in early September and your response was more than amazing.

So, I’m super grateful to know you’re onboard with and the Wisdom Community.

But that’s not all.

I wanted to send you a little something.

It’s 3 quotes about TRUE success.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking. Bernard Baruch Click to tweet

We must do our work for its own sake, not for fortune or attention or applause. Steven Pressfield Click to tweet

Success is about enjoying what you have and where you are, while pursuing achievable goals. Bo Bennett Click to tweet

So, in 2018, I have a little ask for you.

I’m asking you to

  • Listen more than you talk
  • Do what you believe is great work. Don’t seek attention, fame
  • Slow down. Enjoy this very moment. Yes, this one. Now! 🙂 As human, it feels good to move forward, but it’s worthless if we never stop to appreciate

This is the wisdom I will try to apply myself in 2018.

All in all, I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year, filled with fun, love and wisdom.

Are you ready for 2018?

Quebec, Canada

P.S. Thanks to wisdom readers from United States, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Canada, Kenya, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Singapore, Ghana, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Nepal, New Zealand, Tanzania, Belgium, Japan, Ireland, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy, France, Jamaica, Qatar, Uganda, Zambia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Romania, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Greece, Norway, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Spain, Namibia, Maldives, Somalia, Denmark, Turkey, Bhutan, Mauritius, Austria, Switzerland, Iran, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Rwanda, (not set), Morocco, Israel, Trinidad & Tobago, Vietnam, Finland, Malawi, Oman, Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Iraq, Sudan, Swaziland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Jordan, Poland, Guyana, Liberia, Malta, Kosovo, Albania, Bahamas, Iceland, Serbia, Cameroon, Guam, Papua New Guinea, Algeria, Estonia, Brunei, Belize, Fiji, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czechia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Macedonia (FYROM), Peru, Tunisia, Aruba, Colombia, Antigua & Barbuda, Armenia, Barbados, Botswana, Myanmar (Burma), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dominican Republic, Grenada, St. Lucia, Latvia, South Sudan, Argentina, Suriname, Benin, Panama, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Curaçao, Macau, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Gambia, Kyrgyzstan, Cayman Islands, Lesotho, Puerto Rico, Vanuatu, Afghanistan, Angola, Ecuador, Honduras, Laos, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Sint Maarten, Bermuda, Libya, Moldova, Madagascar, Northern Mariana Islands, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Togo, Samoa, American Samoa, Côte d’Ivoire, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts & Nevis, Montenegro, Mongolia, Niger, Réunion, Solomon Islands, Senegal, Syria, U.S. Virgin Islands, Bolivia, Congo – Kinshasa, Cuba, Micronesia, Guinea, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco, Mali, French Polynesia, Palau, Seychelles, Svalbard & Jan Mayen, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Tonga, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yemen

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much. Bessie Stanley Click to tweet

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