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Whatever work I've done in my life, I've focused on bringing out the best in people -- in their lives, their work, their relationships. I hope this collection of quotes serves that purpose for you!

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About This Site

I've collected quotes for my work in supporting personal and organizational change for decades. I first created an online quotes page in the mid-1990s, as a place to keep and find my own quotes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that others thought them interesting, and so I've continued to keep and maintain and expand considerably the site.

Unlike some other quotations sites, which seem to throw online every quote they could find anywhere, I've tried to curate this collection to include the most usable, challenging and inspiring quotes.

Be sure to browse the topic and author pages to find more quotes you might enjoy. Keep liking, tweeting and sharing quotes, please! You can Follow the WisdomQuotes page on Facebook, or watch for tweets at my favorite Twitter page.

As long as the site continues to pay for itself, I'll keep providing the quotes for you. Advertising supports this site's existence. The specific ads on this site do not necessarily represent the views of the site owner. Thanks for understanding.

You can sign up for the quotes email list. I send quotes periodically to that list.

I'm always happy to read comments, corrections and suggested additions to this site, but I regret that I usually don't have time to acknowledge the many emails that I receive. Please don't send me a favorite quote that you made up yourself -- I don't use those, and usually just ignore those emails in the interest of time priorities. I also don't do custom quote searches: if the source isn't with the quote here, I probably did not keep it when I collected the quote.

To send me a message about this site: write to webster23 at wisdomquotes dot com (email address deconstructed to try to reduce spam).

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